Revised and Updated January 2015

Grand Canyon Guide

Grand Canyon Guide: Your Complete Guide to the Grand Canyon

Both the Kindle and print editions were revised and updated January 2015. The layout of the print edition was redesigned for better readability and more photos were added. The book was completely re-indexed to make everything easier to find.

Whether your interest in the Grand Canyon is in a quick look from a few of the rim view points, a week-long whitewater trip on the Colorado River, a stay in a lodge on the very edge of the canyon, a walk along a rim trail, camping in the rim forest, or hiking down into the canyon, this book is for you.

Grand Canyon Guide has two major parts, Activities and Exploring. In Activities, you find out how to get to the Grand Canyon and what do do once you're there. Exploring The Canyon is for those who want to learn more about the national park, national monument, national forest, and Indian reservations that all have a part in managing the lands of the Grand Canyon region. You can also learn more about the natural and human history of the Grand Canyon.