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Publish! How To Publish Your Book as an E-Book on the Amazon Kindle and in Print with CreateSpace

Revised and Updated October 2020: CreateSpace, Amazon's print-on-demand service, is now integrated into the Kindle Desktop Publishing platform (KDP). This means that you can manage all your titles, e-book and paperback, from the KDP Bookshelf. The text has been completely revised to reflect this, although the subtitle of the book still refers to CreateSpace.

A discussion of Amazon's content creation tools, Kindle Create and Cover Creator for e-book and print, has been added. The print edition was complete re-indexed to make it a more accessible reference during the publishing process.

You can publish yourself and be successful!

In this book, the author explains the methods he's used to successfully publish e-book and print books that are selling better than any of his traditionally-published books. His system uses free open-source software that runs on all computer platforms to keep costs low.

So what are you waiting for? Let's get started and turn you from a writer into a published author!

Using This Book
Why Publish with Amazon?
Steps to Publishing
Writing Your Book
Polishing and Editing
Creating a Cover
Creating a Kindle Layout in HTML
Publishing on Kindle
Creating a Print Layout
Publishing on CreateSpace
Help Amazon Market Your Books
Tracking Book Sales
Revising and Updating Your Books
Other Publishing Platforms

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