Bright Angel Press specializes in travel, outdoor, and how-to books produced using the the latest electronic book and print-on-demand publishing tools. We take full advantage of the speed and flexibility of these modern publishing methods to keep our books up-to-date through frequent revisions. All of our books are available in both trade paperback and ebook editions.

Ebooks are a perfect fit for travel and outdoor guidebooks because you can carry dozens or even hundreds of books on a color tablet or an ebook reader that weighs less than a single paperback. All our ebooks are written and formatted for both color tablets and devices and grayscale E Ink ebook readers. You can see the photos and illustrations in the ebooks on any color device, including the Amazon Kindle Fire tablets, and on Mac, PC, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7 and Android devices using the free Kindle reading apps.

The advantage of the Kindle Fire and other color devices is that you can view the photos, maps, and illustrations in vibrant color. On the other hand, a grayscale E Ink reader such as the Kindle Paperwhite gives you a battery life of days or weeks, perfect for extended travel.

And for those who prefer a print book, we produce industry standard 6x9" trade paperbacks with color covers and black and white interiors.