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Just Revised and Updated- Publish!

Publish! cover

Publish! How To Publish Your Book as an E-Book on the Amazon Kindle and in Print with CreateSpace

Revised and Updated October 2020: CreateSpace, Amazon's print-on-demand service, is now integrated into the Kindle Desktop Publishing platform (KDP). This means that you can manage all your titles, e-book and paperback, from the KDP Bookshelf. The text has been completely revised to reflect this, although the subtitle of the book still refers to CreateSpace.

Revised and Updated- Grand Canyon Tips

Grad Canyon Tips cover

Both the Kindle and the print editions of Grand Canyon Tips have been revised and updated as of June, 2020.


Exploring Grand Canyon revised and updated

Exploring Grand Canyon cover

Both the print and the Kindle editions of Exploring Grand Canyon have been revised and updated as of June, 2020, as well as the companion website,


Exploring Great Basin National Park just revised and updated

Both the paperback and Kindle edition have been revised and updated as of April, 2020. Available on Amazon.

Just revised! Exploring With GPS

Cover, Exploring with GPS

Revised and updated April 2019 to include GLONASS and Galileo GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite systems) and an updated list of mapping software and other resources, as well as many other changes and updates. Available on Amazon.


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